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“Melbi and the rabbit”

by Lake


There once was a person called Melbi.
They were in their house.
They were in their bedroom.
Their house was small.
But Melbi thought that was just fine.

They’d been sleeping.
But now, they were no longer asleep.
They wanted to eat, and went to the kitchen.

“Huh, how strange,” said Melbi.
They looked everywhere, but didn’t see anything they could eat.
“What happened to the stuff I was going to eat?” they asked themself.
What were they going to eat?

But suddenly, Melbi heard — what did they hear?
Was it a voice?
They very carefully looked everywhere again.
And now, they discovered that a rabbit had entered the room.
The rabbit said: “Hey.”

Melbi didn’t understand.
This was getting really strange.
Rabbits talking… is really, really strange.

The rabbit said: “Did you want to eat?”
Melbi said: “Yeah. Was it you who ate everything?”

The rabbit said nothing. It didn’t move. It didn’t look at Melbi.
Then, it quickly squeaked “yup!” and tried to run away.
However, the rabbit wasn’t very fast…
It had eaten far too much.

Melbi kept the small rabbit from being able to leave.
They told it: “Oh, what will I eat…? I know.”
The rabbit squeaked a lot, but its voice was tiny…
And then…

…Melbi left the house to go eat something else.