mı Kảıchuo


This is a tool for writing Toaq on an everyday keyboard.

Words you type are automatically adorned with tone markers:

Chietua ji suq nha.
Chỉetua jí súq nha.

(The default is for verbs, ó for pronouns, and neutral for particles.)

To type tones, press 2345678 or /"?^\~ or pxntkf at the end of a word:

Chuo2 ni bi, miu sa poq choqgi^ maq da.
Chúo nỉ bı, mỉu sa pỏq chôqgı máq da.

Type i9 << >> <: >: [[ ]] to write i « » ‹ › ⟦ ⟧.

Disable this checkbox if you want sparse tone marking: